Canal Cruise and Light Dinner

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A CiPAC tradition! We are delighted to invite all CiPAC participants on a scenic one hour canal cruise of central Copenhagen. Sit back and relax, enjoy a glass of wine and get to know your colleagues from all over the world.

After the canal cruise we will eat a light meal at Kayak Bar and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere at one of the Canals of Copenhagen.

Kayak Bar
Kayak Bar is a different place. It´s known for good food, kayaking, high quality musical experiences and the unpretentious atmosphere - it is not found anywhere else in the city.

The ambition of the place is to create a space where people gather and meet across ambitions, dreams, beliefs, jobs, marital status. They have succeeded: people of all ages and backgrounds gather at the Kayak Bar - for concerts, parties, the corporate lunch, the informal guy's evening beer, a romantic dinner or something else..

Kayak Bar is located at the heart of Copenhagen, between the stock exchange, the National Bank and Christiansborg, and right down to the canals. The historic surroundings give the place a special touch - a personality to be experienced! Experience palm trees – and the floating pontoons very close to the water. Kayak bar is a restaurant, cafe, lunch spot, bar, meeting point for kayakers and a music venue - and a whole lot more.

Kayak Bar focus on recycling and sustainability and the surroundings reflect just that: Kayak Bar is a rustic (it really is!) and crooked place with benches built of Euro pallets. You won´t find plastic cups and straws.

The waiters and chefs are a multicultural melting pot. Kayak Bar holds the ambition to be a place of personality where everyone can join in and have a good experience.

Kayak Bar is located here.

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